Ocean Play Vago

The Ocean Play Vago is a rotomoulded dinghy with excellent performance. The Vago can be sailed single-handed, double-handed or 3 up. With the rotomoulded sub chine and the A-symmetrical kite, the Vago can easily get on the plane, feeling very controllable and easy to manoeuvre.

The Vago has 3 sails, a mainsail, a jib and a symmetrical kite for downwind. The boat and control lines are very simply laid out, making it easy for intermediate sailors to get into the boat and feel comfortable.

Lenght: 4,20 m

Hull Weight: 106 Kg

Mainsail, Jib, Asymmetric Spinnaker:  139 m2

Boat Complete (Dacron Main) + Trolley

€ 10 514,57 // Price Incl. Vat 23%